Friday found us watching as State after State began shutting down. I think we are very close to this happening here. We’ve been told to stay home unless we need to get prescriptions or food. Basically shelter in place with no running around.

This being said, Jack and I stayed in our pajamas all day. I mean really, who is going to care if we are in our comfy clothes? Certainly, the dogs do not care.

So here we are comfy, with doggies draped all over the furniture in the house. It’s a peaceful scene, really.

I have done only cursory housework and cooking. I’m perfectly happy to keep playing with programming my new computer!

I also learned how to use my Bluetooth device on the laptop to listen to music!

And I have to brag about two things. The first was I had trouble getting my email accounts to work correctly. I called my local carrier. Due to the Virus, the Techs are working from home. I had the unlucky experience of getting a guy with a name like “Keanu”, who was working from his living room.


His TV was on full blast, enough so that I could hear screaming from the show. Also, his dog was barking and this added to the chaos.

Now I tried to remain calm, after all, he is a professional, right? But as I attempted to explain my problem, it became clear that he had no desire to help me. He told me to do two things and then told me to switch to a better email program. Ah, what?

I hung up feeling furious. Then I remembered what Brad told me. Sit down, and work through the problem systematically.

I compared my old computer settings to the new one. Now wouldn’t you know the problem was in the last place I looked! Ha!

The next tech type victory was learning to sign in to the online WW Classes. They are having online workshops for us because the Virus has shut all the in-person workshops down. Thursday I could not connect, but on Friday I figured it all out! Yay me!

Life goes on, and if we are all lucky, no one we know and love will contract this Virus. Please stay safe and healthy!


4 thoughts on “Craziness”

  1. I am angry on your behalf. That tech was so unprofessional. Glad you were able to figure it out.

    I started working from home right after Superstorm Sandy. We were given very explicit rules, and that tech violated so many of them …

  2. we are locked in since a week now !! all restaurants and cafes closed ! I am hanging around I am so lazy !! If you have time read my last posts and you will see what is probably coming to your State too !

  3. Bad service indeed. Some people don’t have the patience like you do to work through a problem. Anger and impatience are then enemies of sorting things out.

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