Keeping Busy

On Wednesday I decided to tackle cleaning out my pantry. I am lucky to have a fairly large one, but the other day I opened the door and a bag of instant mashed potatoes fell out! Yes, it was time to clean and organize those shelves, especially since I have more canned goods and mixes than I usually have.

I also worked on making another batch of the Chicken & Cabbage Soup. It is simmering as I write and it’s what’s for dinner on this damp Wednesday night.

I am trying very hard not to dwell on what is happening in the World. This crazy Virus is an amazing thing. I watched the BBC News today and they gave a better account of what is happening in Europe. It is not good.

Wednesday was also weigh-in day for WW. Although we do not have class, I am determined to keep up my good work. And I did. I have now lost 28 pounds! I also attended an online meeting. Not quite the same, but it is really nice.


I think tomorrow I will do something truly decadent and give myself a manicure. Despite the fact that my hands are dry from all the washing, my fingernails have grown incredibly long! Yes, time for a nice manicure and polish.

So sad to hear that Prince Charles is sick with the Virus. I hope he recovers quickly, but at the age of 71, he is no spring chicken.

How are you all doing during this time when we are supposed to be sheltering in place and not going out? Do you take any precautions when you go to the grocery or pharmacy?

I now wear a mask (I reuse it which is probably not good, but better than nothing) and I wear disposable rubber gloves. When I come home I take my clothing off in the basement and wash them. And then go upstairs and either shower or scrub down. Yeah, I am a little paranoid.

But, that being said, I felt a bit lighter today. I’m encouraged that with the great minds that we have working on finding a vaccine or cure, there is hope.


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