The Friday Five

The Friday Five

Another week has passed, only right now the time seems to be dragging along. Not going fast, but at a snail’s pace.   Things are a bit overwhelming, but we go on. Here are this week’s Friday Five.

  1. As I watch the news and listen to the number climb of cases of Covid-19 around the world, I feel unease seeping into my soul. I only go out when I have to. This week I will go out on Saturday. I will need bread, eggs, and bananas. As well as some cold-cuts for Jack. Perhaps some eggplant? We shall see.
  2. I’ve been attending online meetings for my WW Class. I’ve enjoyed seeing people I know and hearing that it just isn’t me trying to do the WW Program when they are under stress.
  3. After the surprise snowstorm, most of the 6+ inches of snow has melted. The sun is shining and suddenly I notice that my sliding glass door windows are a mess! I’m thinking today when our temperatures rise, I will be out there cleaning them.
  4. I’ve been making really incredible meals. Healthy, low point meals. I have had no complaints from Jack.
  5. I think I will break out my crocheting. It will give me something to be doing with my hands while I am watching TV.

What are all of you doing to pass the time? Any new projects? Are you cooking fun meals?


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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