Hanging In There

I have watched the news and the briefings from the CDC and the two Scientists working on the Corona Virus. It made me nervous when I listened to and also read at the rapid rate it was hitting Europe and now us here in the USA. This is not good.


I have tried to remain cheerful, and not allow this to get to me, but today it did get to me and I found myself in tears.

I miss my grandchildren and my daughter. I miss going to WW and seeing my friends. I miss running down to the grocery store on a whim, with no real list of things to get, just to look around.

I miss smiling at people. I miss joking around with people. I miss my life.

They announced tonight that we will be in quarantine at least until the end of April. But that was also presented as a time when they hope we can get back to our lives. It may not be…

We have to reach the peak of all of this before we can even think about getting back to living.

There is nothing any of us can do except to take care of ourselves and wait it out. But yes, I am sad, and yes I am finding it difficult to not be depressed.

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