Getting Out

Monday was a good day. Due to Jack’s medication arriving at the Post Office, I found myself suiting up, hat, mask, gloves, etc, and going out. I figured that I shouldn’t waste the trip so I made a list for groceries and went and got those as well.

I didn’t see one person I knew, which was a bit of a bummer, still, it felt nice to be outside and driving around.

Through all of this craziness, I have had one constant, one little lover-man by my side.


My Arnie. Jack teased that I am being stalked, as Arnie follows me all over the house. I think he somehow senses my feelings and has become my emotional support dog! He is an amazing little dog.

I’ve been cooking quite a bit and enjoying that. And today I spent about 4 hours reprogramming my computer. Here is what happened.

I downloaded a program to help me with font size and it came with a little bonus. After finding the Virus, I tried to just make it all work and well, it was simply easier to reset the machine.

The new machine, a Dell is nice in so many ways. But it is taking me time to set it up just right. I am nearly there. I have one more program to install and then I am done.

Tell te what you are doing to pass the extra time you have at home? Cleaning closets, working on projects? Cooking? Or watching TV?


Have a great Tuesday Everyone!.

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  1. Well, cleaning etc is on the agenda, but we strangely seem unmotivated. I hear this is happening to many people. Why don’t you and Jack go out for a drive to a nice and pretty place and take a gentle walk on your own.

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