Days Slipping By

It’s Saturday, right? I admit to being slightly off as far as the days of the week go. Since I no longer watch any Soap Operas (sadly All My Children went by-by a few years ago) my whole Monday through Friday thing is gone. So what do I use?

Well, the dogs are no help at all with this. They act the same seven days a week. TV is consumed with nearly 24 hours a day coverage of the Corona Virus, and since I am doing my best to block it all out, it leaves me a bit lost at times. I could use those days of the week underwear that I had as a kid. That certainly would help.

On Friday I made a big pot of Soup. I’d planned fish for Friday but will cook that tonight. Friday we had the hot, yummy soup, that warmed our chilled bones. It rained most of Friday and never got warmer than about 40 degrees.

I think I may clean my closet. It needs it again, and since I am a house captive, it’s a good time to get it done.

How are things going where you are? Here in New Hampshire as of 6 PM on Friday, we had an overall number of cases of 540. The number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 (The Corona Virus) is at 7.

I do not think this will be over soon. I think we will be in this for a while and it really makes me feel sad. I miss my family. I miss being with my grandkids. Ugh. We will get through this.

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4 thoughts on “Days Slipping By”

  1. The kind of job that I do, I spend most of my day on a computer. So I’m working from home. That makes it easier to distinguish Friday from Saturday. But it’s so hard to just stay put … I miss my kids, I miss my friends and coworkers, and I am certain Wednesday is going to be very hard on me, it’s the first night of Passover.

  2. We talk through Whatsapp so we can see each other. Toby has no school of course but has class via computer ! They are all on the screen with the teacher and Toby types the answers. Very modern !! Dario send me a picture where I could see all the kids on the screen ! They are both working from home and are also not allowed to travel ! The rules in Holland are the same as we have here.

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