Well, This is New

Wednesday morning I woke about 3 AM. As I staggered to the bathroom, I was hit with terrible pain in my right eye! I thought perhaps my eye was dry, so I put in some artificial tears.

I tried to go back to sleep, but the pain was getting worse and worse.

By 5:30 I gave up and got up. I washed out the eye, and put more artificial tears in, and grabbed a warm washcloth. Nothing was really working. The pain was so bad, that tears were flowing and falling down my face from my right eye.

Why do things like this happen in the middle of an epidemic?

I looked up my Optometrists Web site to see what his hours were and saw he is only seeing emergencies a few hours per day. I was so lucky to call early and get fit right in.

I had diagnosed myself with a scratched cornea, but found out that I had a “Corneal Abrasion”. You see, my right eye dried out so much that the lid stuck to the eyeball in the right side of the eye. When I woke up and opened my eye, I tore the skin off part of the eyeball.

Sweet Mother of God, did that hurt!

I thought I would need to goo up the eye and wear a patch, but no. What he did was place an extended wear, soft medicated contact lens in my eye as sort of a band-aid. As soon as the contact lens was in place, I felt instant pain relief!


I need to wear this lens for a few days so the cornea (eyeball) can repair itself. The luckiest part of it all is, when it hurts this badly, all you want is a relief. So I got right into the doctor before there was any infection.

I go back on Friday so he can reexamine it. Probably I will be able to remove the lens too, but I may need to wear it through the weekend.

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  1. Holy lord you have the worst luck with your eyes!! Thank goodness it was an easy fix & the pain is gone!! Take care..Pam

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