The Friday Five ~ May 1st

The Friday FiveWelcome to May! The first day of May, the first Friday too. Here we are entering our third month dealing with this horrible Virus.

As the week comes to an end, here are the five things happening in my world.

  1. It’s been an odd week. I’ve actually been out quite a bit. Visits to the Vet and visits to my Optometrist kept me on the road.49814900472_ae65db4627_3k

    Jack’s hearing aids came back via the US Postal Service and that meant that a trip there was also in the cards.

  2. I have had almost no desire to cook this week. However, that doesn’t mean I got off scot-free. Meals were prepared and some frozen and some just eaten.
  3. Rain arrived, bringing with it a fair amount of gloom. Today I must be out and about and of course, it is supposed to be a real soaker of a day! I do not care because I will be out!
  4. Have you all seen Meghan Markle’s alleged face-lift? I was shocked. I think she must have gone to a really good doctor because the face-lift came out pretty well. I mean, as face-lifts go. What do you think? It is also my guess that she had some botox and dermabrasion too.
    MM MM

    Before and now.

    The new picture was taken from a video she made for her Charity helping women find jobs. Here is the video.

    Guess we know why she hurried back to LA at the end of her last UK visit.
  5. Since we are still self-isolating in our State, I have found some businesses that are considered necessary. We needed to get more patio blocks 16 X 16 inches in both red and charcoal. They are made by a cement company. They are considered necessary. Our blocks arrive later today.

Also necessary are the railroads. Today an engine pulling six cars heavily laden with railroad ties went by our house. They’re headed north to repair the winter damage.

So that’s it for the first day of May. Enjoy the day, and dream of Spring and the departure of this darn Virus!


2 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ May 1st”

  1. I like my women and men with their history written on their faces, for better or worse. I see Meagan has bought shiny white un-natural looking American teeth too.

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