I Do Love Nature, I Really Do!

Wednesday was sort of a crazy day. I did manage to get a lot of things done, but it seemed like the Native Wildlife was keeping me on my toes.

During the day it was my birds. Several times during the day I could hear them squawking at me. Especially at the end of the day when I pulled in the bird feeders. There was a Redwing Blackbird who was just chewing me out!

My phone rang, just as the sunset and it was my neighbor warned me that the Mother and her two cubs were in the neighborhood (in fact, quite close by), and I should be careful with the dogs.

Lili would run from the Bears, I’m fairly sure. I think Arnie would too, but Anneliese, (who is blind as a bat) would smell it and bark like crazy.  actually would be afraid for her.

So, the feeders are in, the dogs are also in, and I am a wreck!


All this from the woman who lives for the Sunday TV marathon of Northwoods Law, on Animal Planet. Most of the episodes have been shot in New Hampshire. A few here or there were filmed in Maine, but they only allowed filming for a couple of seasons and then ceased filming there due to controversies.


Our New Hampshire Fish and Game Wardens are a good bunch. They not only work their regular job for our State, but back in the days of being social, the Wardens would appear at Camping, Hunting, and Fishing Events.

In any case, you have to know that I do love nature and I love creatures, but not the scary ones and not in my back yard.


2 thoughts on “I Do Love Nature, I Really Do!”

  1. In spite of our reputation, it is only really spiders and snakes we have to fear, and neither in the cities.

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