Strange Day

Most of my days since the Pandemic started with the, Stay At Home orders, were quiet and not too busy. Today (Wednesday) was not one of those.

I had laundry to do, and cleaning to do, as well as cooking. This meant that the only TV I was aware of was on in the background.

I did set aside time to go to a WW Meeting. I really live for those because they help me to stay strong about my healthy eating.

I felt good about this until tonight when I saw on the Massachusetts WW Group page someone remarking that they feel like my little New Hampshire Group is taking over. And since I know I tend to be an over-share-er, I took the remark very personally. Then I stepped back.

I do not know the woman who made this comment. Perhaps she doesn’t like anyone from New Hampshire. So I decided to not respond and to just let it go.

Those of you who know me well, know that this is big. I think I am overly sensitive and being a Scorpio, when hurt I tend to come out swinging! But, not this time.

20200609_205152The beautiful sunset last night.

The end of my day was spent cooking and cleaning up yet another meal. I do try to make it interesting, but there are days, like today, when I have no desire to cook. Still, I pulled it off!

Have a great Thursday and stay happy, healthy, and safe.

Maribeth Dackel

2 thoughts on “Strange Day”

  1. Sometimes you just never know what people may take offence at. Consider what you have written or said and if you really can’t find fault then don’t worry about it. It is not like you aren’t a nice person. You and R should get together to whinge together about thinking what to have and then cooking the nightly meal.

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