35 Years

It’s hard for me to believe that it has been thirty-five years since the car accident that took the life of my six-year-old daughter, Katie.


It seems like so long ago, another lifetime. And yet, it also seems like just yesterday and I remember each and every detail.

The accident happened on June 13, 1985, and Katie passed away a few days later on the 19th. I’d prayed she would come back to us and wake from her coma. But, sometimes prayers are not answered.

Each year I have felt such pain. And guilt. Guilt at having been the survivor of this great tragedy. One that was entirely the other driver’s fault.

However this year I have a feeling of lightness. I will try to explain, but I am sure many of you will doubt what I am about to write.

My daughter, Mandy gave me a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. She gave me a psychic reading this Spring. I am a great Doubting Thomas, but this man was amazing and spot on.

img781Mandy & Katie 1985

I will not go through all he told me, but he did tell me that Katie was telling him that she did not blame me, that it wasn’t my fault, and that she is fine!

There was so much more. He knew things that no one else did, but the healing words he spoke, how it all happened, helped me to finally heal. Finally, I was able to forgive myself.

521516275_434fbf40c4_oMe & Katie November 1984

So on this day, the day that changed my life forever, I am able to know that my dearest, sweetest daughter, Katie, is resting in peace.

50November 8, 1978 – June 19, 1985

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