All In A Days Work!

During the last few Covid-19 months I have tried to keep up with all the extra things that have been needing attention in our life. But several things went by the wayside or got lost or just plain forgotten.

Feeling a new empowered strength after dealing with the satellite company, I decided that today (Monday) would be a good day to tackle all of it.

This morning I went into my closet to get a shirt and I spied a pair of Merrell Clogs I had purchased a year ago quite cheaply. They are not the prettiest of Clogs, but they fit the bill for use as indoor/outdoor slippers! Problem solved!


Next, I took a deep breath and started with my phone calls. The first was to the local hospital who sent us a bill for Jack’s hand treatment back in February.

Jack is 100% disabled through the VA because of his Agent Orange problems and all of his medical treatments are covered by them. So, when I finally got through to billing, I started the conversation by apologizing for being late with the call to them. After all, this darn Covid-19 had everything off-kilter. At the very start of all of this, I admit I was totally freaked out and only concentrated on keeping Jack safe.

Well, this lovely lady couldn’t have been nicer and in no time at all, it was completely taken care of!

The next thing on my list was to call my Optometrist because I had a balance with them. I met my deductible and it should be completely paid for by my insurance. I gave the secretary the information and she assured me it would all be taken care of.

Next, I wanted to get some advice on the coloring process of my hair. So I called Madison Reed and asked all sorts of questions and the young woman (who kept calling me Ma’am), was so nice and fixed my problem and is sending the kit for me to use to take care of the little problem I have had. Free of charge!

Wow, I was definitely on a roll. I put a nice chicken in the oven to cook for dinner and pared the Asparagus.

So, Monday was a wonderfully productive day and I am on cloud nine. What a great way to start the week!

Maribeth Dackel

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