A Day

There are some days that are more beautiful than others, but today was a particularly lovely one. The skies were pure baby blue without one cloud, and the sun shone warmly on me when I went out to walk the pups or water my plants.

Most of the day found me being quiet with the doggies all around me. Only occasionally did Anneliese bark loudly and then, I believe it was only to wish her own Mama, Greta a Happy Mother’s Day.

Hubby took me to lunch, mowed the lawn and worked at his computer, the last done while listening to a ball game and the final rounds of a golf match.

I switched off the TV in the late afternoon and just enjoyed the quiet around me. So many days life is full of noise. Perhaps it is the TV or radio, at other times a brain that simply will not shut off. Tonight, right now, blessedly I am finding the silence, I so long for, soothing.

The wind has picked up. A sign that a cold front moved through yesterday, and I can just hear the light whine as the wind whips down the lake. The sun is setting and the icy blue sky foretells a cold night ahead.

The doggies are fed and are stretched out on the carpet chewing their bones. Soon they will slip off into a golden slumber where they can dream of chasing rabbits and toy balls.

I will get my warm pajamas on and curl up once again with my puppies to perhaps watch a little TV, a cup of tea in my hand. Before you know it, tomorrow will be here…

…and there is no telling what tomorrow will bring.

5 thoughts on “A Day”

  1. Hi Mom! Hope you are having a good day so far!

    I still can not believe the flowers came at 9:30 at night! That is just crazy! I am going to write to them about that, because it just does not seem right!

    Well, hope you are feeling well, and gearing up to enjoy a beautiful day!

    Talk soon.


  2. It sounds like a lovely, lovely day…and now I am off to make myself a nice cup of tea 🙂
    just because you mentioned that!

  3. Wow sounds like the perfect day! I enjoyed the quiet myself and caught up on some reading and cuddle time with my lil wiener boys

    And now “Tag! You’re it!” Click on my blog to see what that means… BecKaDoodles

    Have another great day!

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