I woke early on Friday morning. The day before I noticed that Anneliese was going down-hill fast, with, what I suspected was another urinary tract infection.

I’d prepared her little pan to catch her urine, and was ready to go as soon as they could fit me in.

Anneliese June 26

At 9:15 I carried Anneliese to the car and off we went. It was a beautiful day, sunny, warm but not humid. The sort of summer day one always wishes for.

The trip took no time and soon I was in the parking area of their office. As I sat out bounded a beautiful White German Shepherd! This dog could have been Lili’s twin! Of course, I had to meet them. I jumped out of the car (putting on my mask) and spoke to the husband and wife. Soon their other dog was brought out. Two amazing White Shepherds!


Beautiful White German Shepherd boys!

Next, it was Anneliese’s turn. She was just burning up with a fever of 104 and she is a very sick little girl.

I knew she was. I hoped she wasn’t. There are moments that I find myself almost holding my breath with the thought of losing her.

I knew Anneliese before she was even born. I recalled the moment of her birth. She was the last one out, the littlest of her litter, Greta’s first litter, and when she came into this world she came out kicking and screaming. So unlike her brother Arnie and her three sisters.

She was a scrappy little thing and I admit she stole my heart at that very minute although, I recall saying, “We sure aren’t going to keep that one!” Famous last words! She might be loud, but quite early on she let us know she had a heart of gold.

Dec 10 018Anneliese and me.

That was thirteen and a half years ago!

Thursday night I dreamt of my Vet. He came to me in the dream and told me that I needed to prepare myself as Anneliese wasn’t long for this world.

Needless to say, I woke with a start and couldn’t get back to sleep. Later when I told my Vet about the dream, he said he tries never to say that to his patient’s families, but that yes, Anneliese is slowly moving toward the end of her life. I’m glad he validated my feelings. Now I have to enjoy Anneliese, while I mentally prepare for her loss.

That will not be a good day.

Maribeth Dackel

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  1. Preparing for the inevitable you must, but it probably doesn’t make it any better when it happens.

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