The Friday Five

The Friday FiveWell, this was just the nicest week! Probably one of the best since the Covid-19 lock-down. So, here we go. Why this week was so darn nice!

  1. As I wrote on Thursday, I got together with my friends in a safe way. We got to catch up with each other and share our lives once again. The best!
  2. During my visit with the girls, they reminded me that a new Grocery store had opened. It is 13 miles from my home. I used to go to their sister-store which is 22 miles away, but after going to the new “Super Store” which is closer, I doubt I will go back to the other!
  3. The new store was filled with everything one needs to live. As soon as a person would take things from a shelf, a clerk would be right there filling the shelves back up! The store is immaculately clean and well designed. And I am in love! Best of all, I was able to get Jack’s favorite soups which he has had to do without during this lock-down.
  4. Jack mentioned he would love some of my homemade potato salad. They had beautiful new white potatoes in the new market, so I bought a bag and made him a batch. It came out very well.

We’re hoping for rain over the weekend. We are currently in a drought and desperately need rain! My grass is looking parched and crunchy. We have had amazing sunrises and sunsets! Here is one of the sunsets from this past week!

20200609_205152So that was my very happy week. I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, and fun-filled weekend!!!

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  1. Sometimes it can be small things, like soup, that you can miss in lockdown. With Hippy Niece and her three year twins staying Saturday night with us, I expect it will partly be fun, but pretty hard work too.

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