Arnie is Home

On Monday morning at 7:30, I drove over to the Emergency Vet and picked up Arnie. He came out the door and looking around, and I said, “Hi Arnie!” and as soon as he heard my voice his head went up and his tail began to wag! I got him in the car and we drove home.

At 8:30 I called our regular Vets and they took over Arnie’s care. They had just vaccinated him for Leptospirosis in January of this year. Anneliese as well. Lili was vaccinated in May. So on paper, everything is current. But for some reason, Arnie’s vaccine seems to have failed.

My Vet is helping me deal with the Pharmaceutical Company, as they will cover much of Arnie’s treatment.

He also began with a good protocol and schedule for treatment. I had to go out to the office with Arnie and both the doctor and the technicians that work there were very concerned about this happening to our boy!

The other dogs were happy to see Arnie. I was surprised at how delighted Lili was. She was dancing around Arnie with her happiness.

Anneliese sniffed him a lot and her body language said so much. And of course, Jack and I are both thrilled to have him home.

I’m still washing everything I can in the house. My washing machine and dryer have been going non-stop, morning until night.


At least I know I will sleep better tonight. I will have my boy in bed with me and I can listen to his muffled breathing. Such peace.


2 thoughts on “Arnie is Home”

  1. Such good news.
    “My Vet is helping me deal with the Pharmaceutical Company, as they will cover much of Arnie’s treatment.” I can’t imagine that happening here.

  2. I’m glad your Vet is helping you deal with the pharmaceutical company!!
    Sending prayers to Arnie for a good recovery..

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