My Independence Day

I decided I would spend my Independence Day clearing out my closet. In the last couple of months, I seem to have been unable to find things, and so it was time.

First I took all the hanging stuff out. That’s when it hit me. Many of these clothes are no longer worn because they are too big!

One by one, I went through and tried on clothes and put them in folded piles to go to the charity shop.

I was thrilled and smiling as I did this. Then I felt slightly sad. These clothes had been my friends through those rough days. The shirts hid my bloated belly and the pants kept me covered.

But now, I am down three sizes. These clothes hang on me like a tent. I remember my Mom used to joke about a dressmaker called “Omar the Tent Maker”. Obviously, much of this stuff had been made by him!

The day stretched out and before I knew it, I had four large garbage bags filled with beautiful clothes. Talbots is a favorite brand of mine and I would say 75% of the clothing is from there.

I can actually see into my closet. Now I need to take everything off the shelves and either throw it away, store it, or donate it!

So, this is all a good thing and in the end, I will have a workable closet. And I can get rid of what I do not and never again will need!


One thought on “My Independence Day”

  1. That must’ve been a great feeling getting rid of clothes that are too big for you..that’s a great accomplishment.. & now you’re also going to make someone’s day by donating those clothes..that’s a win-win

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