Life Goes On

Arnie is doing better although we still do not have all the blood work in.


So, this means we are in a wait and see act with the Pharmaceutical Company. I am sure they will try to get out of paying for Arnie’s care. Meanwhile, I wait to hear from the Emergency Veterinary Center, as they ran tests before he was given antibiotics.

(Update: Arnie’s bloodwork came back from the Emergency Clinic and he does indeed have Lepto!)

After speaking with my Vet today we’ve decided to keep Arnie and Anneliese on Doxycycline for another month. We want to be safe with them both.

Jack helped me carry my 6 bags of too-big clothes down to my car. There were three items I kept. I will put them away, but these three items were my favorites. They made me feel safe. Hidden.

One of these items is a sweater. A big old wrap around-sweater. I won’t wear it in public, but I will use it when I am feeling sick as a cuddle. Did you ever have a sweater or robe or sweatshirt that you wear when you don’t feel well and it is comforting? That is what this sweater is for me. I could not get rid of it.

Well, life goes on, doesn’t it? I think all one can do is the best that they can do.

Maribeth Dackel

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