The Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. The Hodgepodge lands this year on National Secret Keeping Day…on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being I’m a blabbermouth and 10 being-I’m a vault) how good are you at keeping secrets?

Interesting. I used to have loose lips, but when I entered my 60’s I realized that keeping my own council was a good thing. I’m not a 10, but I am far better than I used to be!

I read here nine jobs for people who can keep a secret-cybersecurity worker, executive assistant, housekeeper, lawyer, nuclear plant technician, physician, private investigator, psychologist, security guard.  Of the jobs listed, which one most interests you and why?

Psychologist. I would love that as I truly believe that talk therapy can make so much difference in people’s lives.

2. What’s the secret of life (or one of them anyway)?

Live, Laugh, and love. Be selfless and giving and you will lead a happy life.

3. Off the record, best-kept secret, a fly on the wall, top-secret, my lips are sealed, secret shopper, as quiet as a mouse, poker face, spill the beans, open secret, bite your tongue…which secret idiom can you best relate to right now? Explain.

Off the record. Arnie’s illness is causing everyone to be very nervous. I cannot seem to get people to speak to me on the record..yet..about Arnie’s illness. But the day will come.

4. Spill it, what’s the secret ingredient in one of your favorite recipes?

Parmesan cheese added to my meatball recipe gave it a really rich flavor!

5. My mama celebrates a big birthday tomorrow. Share a favorite quote, song lyric, saying, or verse of scripture that will add some sunshine to her day (ours too!)


6.  Insert your own random thought here. 

I know Arnie is feeling better. He is running around, barking at Lili and the day to day hum of doggy life is returning to normal. For all of this, I am very thankful!

Have a great mid-week everyone!

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  1. I am a good secret keeper, of others and my own. Although if it’s my own it doesn’t really matter who I tell;).

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