The Friday Five July 17th

The Friday FiveAh, the summer is halfway gone. We’ve been having sunny skies, hot temperatures, and somewhat lazy days. Here is my Friday Five list of what’s happening!

  1. I went in on Wednesday and got my hair cut and re-colored. I look more like myself once again.MB Raw July 16 1

    My poor hair, uncut since February really needed to be shaped. Call me happy.

  2. I returned for a re-check on my Corneal Abrasion. All is going well, with the exception of my eye pressure. That was up slightly.
  3. My Pampered Chef Party is going well. We have a few more days to go, so if you want a little something from the party let me know.
  4. A close family member has come down with some sort of Virus. We are all hoping and praying that it is not Covid-19.
  5. I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries and Veterinarian shows. I so enjoy this type of TV.

So, that’s it for the week of July 17th. I hope yours was a happy and healthy one!

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