Getting Things Done

Tuesday found me determined to do a big, deep cleaning in the master-bath. This room is so big, it’s like an apartment in New York City! Yes, that small and yet for a bathroom, that big!


I love this room, with its double sinks, shower with a small seat inside, and separate potty.  But the one thing I would do differently if designing it now would be to not put in a heart-shaped jacuzzi. It is so large and it is very hard to clean.

That being said, I left that for last, but in the meantime, I did sinks, floors, lavatory, and vacuumed everything, including the tub.

That’s when I got into trouble. You see, Lili’s heavy white fur, and a little moisture, will clog any vacuum! Thankfully I was able to fix it with pliers as I pulled out the clog!

Lastly, I washed the tub. It took me forever, but during this time Jack actually was skating on thin ice as he directed me on how to do it!

So the Master Bath is spotless, and the throw rugs are drying. They’ll be all set tomorrow. The Master-bedroom is vacuumed as well as the family room and kitchen.

Wow, this really was a lot!

And lastly, I tended my Pampered Chef Party and made meals. Of course, my back is biting me right now, reminding me that I should have slowed down and worked a bit more carefully.

That’s okay, tomorrow I will be seeing my friends in the morning and then in the afternoon I will be going in to see my Hair-Stylist and I will get my red hair fixed!

Stay tuned!


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