This & That July 14th

Yesterday I was busy, busy, busy, and in the end, all I really got done was three loads of laundry, one bed changed, and three meals. I did attempt to get more done, but between my back (slightly sore right now) and helping Jack with a few things, I just was not accomplishing that much.

Well, okay, I admit. I was on the computer a lot as I was helping to co-host my Pampered Chef Party. You know that is actually a fun thing. And I have enjoyed every minute.

Arnie and Anneliese are doing much better, although neither of them enjoys the heat and then the loud and heavy thunderstorms that come along with that. Needless to say, Poor Lili hates any sort of weather except cool, clear, and quiet weather! Currently, she is pacing during this noisy thunderstorm we have going, complete with pea-size hail!

I am now down 46.4 pounds! Call me thrilled! I have lost 5 and a half inches off my waist! Yay!

And if anyone would like to join my Pampered Chef Party you can follow me HERE to join the party! Sadly I cannot ship out of the USA, but join in the fun if you are Stateside!

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