Is this Tuesday or What?

I woke up with the “King Kong” of migraines this morning. Wow! I can’t believe my head can hurt this much without having had any alcohol the night before! I have loaded up on extra strength Tylenol and prayer.
We take Fritz to the eye specialist today for a recheck on his Corneal Dysplasia. I’m not sure it really looks any worse to me. But then, what do I know? We will see what the Vet says.
I was prepared to drive the furry guy to the Vets alone, but when I mentioned this to Hubby, he put his foot down and said, “NO”. so, he will drive us and I can actually relax. I hate being such a wimp.
I took two good pictures yesterday. The first was of the Mount Washington Hotel with Mount Washington behind it.
July 4b 009.jpg

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Happy 4th of July

I’ve had the good fortune to travel to many different places around the world. I’ve talked to people, I’ve observed cultures, and the bottom line is, I’m so proud to be an American and to live in a country with such wonderful freedoms. I hope we never take these freedoms for granted, or forget all that our forefathers did to form this country. For if we do, then I fear it will be the beginning of the end.
Long ago I heard a song and one of the phrases has stuck with me all these years, it goes like this:
Freedom isn’t free, freedom isn’t free, you’ve got to pay the price, you’ve got to sacrifice for your liberty!”
So to all those serving our country, my hats off to you. To those who have served our country, my thanks to you all.
This country, our freedom’s and our liberty, is a wonderful thing. Today when you flip that burger, or hoist that beer, do it with the idea that you are honoring this wonderful place we call home.
Happy 4th Everyone!!!


Risk is your middle name. Or it should be. What are you risking today, anyhow?

I hugged Greta last night and snuggled with her. She had been outside with Hubby while he was mowing the field in back of our house. So what was I risking?? Poison Ivy!!!
Today my left arm is covered with the itchy stuff. Such is the life of a “Country Girl”!

Being a Country Girl

I used to wish I was one of those people who have incredibly interesting lives. You know the ones? They live in big cities, go to posh restaurants and drink champagne with glamorous people every night. The women dress in stiletto heels and can actually walk in them, have their hair done three times a week, and never leave their bathrooms without their make up on. The guys are always well groomed, never sweat and wear designer after shave. These men never belch and drink cocktails, not beer.
I wear sneakers. (any heel and I fall and sprain an ankle) I live in the country where Moose walk through my yard and the closest restaurant to my home is a turkey farm. My hair gets washed and blown dry, and still looks like hell most of the time, and if I wore make up out to the Post Office, the people of my local village would think I was opening a house of ill repute!
Hubby drinks beer, belches and has never used after shave. We will not get in to his grooming habits. Lets just say that on the days I change the sheets I send him into the shower for an oil change!
Growing up, when I dressed in those wonderful lacy petticoats and my mothers high heels I used to see myself as celebrity material. I would pose in front of a mirror and practice smiling for the camera, (I can still smile sweetly on command) and of course I signed autographs for all the little people. Of course now a days the only people who want my autograph are the phone company, the electric company and the credit card company on my monthly checks.
So where did I go wrong? No where really. I’m not celebrity material. I realize I like wearing sneakers and no makeup. Hubby is a “real man” he can chop a tree down, mow my lawn, change my cars oil and shovel the snow in the winter, and his expectations of me are simple ones. Good meals, laundry, a clean house (sort of) hiking in the woods and taking care of his pack of hounds. Simplicity! I’d like to see one of those glamour chicks handle that!

My Day

I got Shubi slurping baby rice cereal mixed with warm water every few hours. This has stayed down and kept her hydrated. I think the antibiotics are starting to take hold as her fever is finally down. Whew! She knows how to scare the daylights out of me. Still, I will be happy when she is running all over the house again, as she normally does.
In-between bowls of rice cereal, I was trying to clean the house. After 2 1/2 weeks of doing no house work, the place was a real disaster and a friend is coming to visit who has never seen my house before. So, I really don’t want the place to look too bad.
I started to get sort of manic about the cleaning and had to remind myself that sanding the wood floors and refinishing them was really not considered housework.

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Shubi slept under the covers by my side last night. She wore her little winter sweater to bed too. Still, about 3 AM I could feel her little body shaking. And this morning she still feels very hot. I’m worried about her. I hate it when she is sick and even though I know what the Vet thinks is wrong, I still worry and I think I will until I see some real improvement.
I took her out this morning for her constitutional, and brought her in and placed her in her little bed with her blanket. She settled right in and hasn’t moved. Very unlike herself. She would usually come in, bark like crazy for a cookie and then bark like crazy to come and sit with me in my chair.
So, I’m worried.

Shubi is Sick – Prayers Please Updated

***I took Shubi in and she has a GI infection. So she is on antibiotics, and a medication to ease her upset tummy. He gave her some IV fluids and so I hope she will start to feel better.
Her liver function tests show that she has real liver problems. This will require us to give her a medication to help digest her food and a special low fat diet. I guess it will be a little more challeging to take care of our little girl in her twilight years. But then, you all know, I would do anything to make her more comfortable and give her a good life.***

I’m taking Shubi to the Vet in a moment. She woke up feeling badly this morning, then began having shaking chills. Soon she threw up and “other things” and so I took her temp. It’s nearly 104. (F) I called the Vet and he wants to see her in 1/2 an hour. So off we go. I will update once I get back.