What We Did On Sunday

It was a busy day here in Dackel Princess Land. As our cupboards were nearly bare, we needed to go grocery shopping. I also wanted to get paint for the puppy room and in the end I got Hubby a new lawn mower for Father’s Day which is next week.

It was a pretty day and nice for our trip south to the shopping area. As I have mentioned before, we live in the country and aside from one very high priced grocery store, there isn’t much around.

The shopping took a few hours and then we returned and drove the car up and around the side of the house so we could avoid the 14 steps up to the inside of our house. Fourteen steps! What a pain. But I have no one to blame for that one but myself, as I drew the plans for the house. In fact, I remember saying, “Oh that will be good. The stairs will keep my legs in shape”.

What an insane thing to think! How about the reality of grocery shopping and having to make a dozen trips up and down the stairs? Sheesh!

Anyway, we drove the station wagon around to the back of the house where it would be an easy job to unload the car.

June 10 016

We worked putting the groceries away, and Jackie arrived to play with the puppies. I love when the kids come over, so I let the dogs out for a run with her and her friend, Cameron.

June 10 018

After a bit, the girls left and we let the pups run around the yard a little more. Hubby was putting his new lawn mower together and I was trying to get a few pictures.

June 10 019
Hubby with his new mower
June 10 005

June 10 023

It’s wonderful to see the puppies grow and play. They’re 6 months old now! So grown up. Arnie weighs a whopping 17 pounds and Anneliese is a lightweight at 14 pounds. One thing is for sure, they are both beautiful and sweet babies!

Sunday night is the “Soprano”s” finale. Will they kill Tony or not? Will Carm save Tony’s life, or AJ? Will they go into witness protection? One thing is for sure, it’s got the world talking!

6 thoughts on “What We Did On Sunday”

  1. LOL I was like…hmmm…I spy Kodiak in that first pic!

    Hubby looks happy with the new lawnmower 🙂

    Love the pic of the pup at the top of the stairs!

  2. Hi Mom,
    So, what did you think of the Sopranos finale? I don’t watch the show, but heard all about it on the radio (and generally heard people did not like the “ending”). Hope your doctor’s appt goes well today. I actually have a physical this afternoon…and then will play some volleyball tonight!
    Glad to be home from TX!
    Hope you have a good day, and let me know how your appointment today goes!
    Love you,

  3. Nice gift for father day, lol ! that means he has to work that day ! Your puppies are too cute, will you keep them all ? Today I will pick up our new family member a kitten which we named Rosel after a great aunt of me. I like old names just as you seem to do.

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