TBT: Queen of the Ball

Long ago and far away, in a place called Massachusetts, I was growing up.  At the time I belonged to The Rainbow Girls, and although I never did as well as my sister did in the organization (she went all through the chairs and became Worthy Advisor), I did hold several offices, and I sang. Yes, yours truly, who is quite nervous about singing in front of people actually used to sing for large groups at our local organization as well as get loaned out to other chapters.

The year I was 15, I was the only girl going to the Rainbow Ball in Boston from our Chapter in Falmouth. Thus I was entered into the Pageant to see who would be crowned Queen of the Ball.

When I arrived, I was given an entry number of 13. Yup, 13. I remember thinking that I sure was sunk now, as 13 was an unlucky number.

My date that night was my ex-husband, and as we danced he joke about it a little, trying to get me to relax. I did and I recall there being a lot of fun and laughter that night.

My sister had attended this Ball in the past but had not won. So, I knew that I didn’t stand a chance. Melodie is delicate and beautiful and everything a fairy princess should be. At 15 I was awkward and big-boned and totally unsure of myself!

The evening wore on and I danced in the beautiful yellow gown that my mother had made for me, and I talked to my date and laughed and had a great time.

After all, I wasn’t going to win!

Eventually, we were all called to line up with our dates and promenade around the dance floor. A person would come up and tap your card and you would go to sit down.

Well, we walked and walked and walked, and other girls were removed from the line-up. Then there were probably three of us left. They called the second runner-up, then the first runner-up, and then that left me!

I was escorted by my date to the dais where I was crowned the 1973 Queen of the Rainbow Girls Ball!


Looking back I still cannot believe that I won. My escort always claimed it was because he was my date that night.

Whatever the case, it was the first time in my young life that I truly felt pretty.

And for one night I truly was, Queen of the Ball, just like Cinderella!

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