The Wednesday Hodgepodge

Since I have not done a Wednesday Hodgepodge in a while, I thought I might join in this week! Here we go!

1. What’s one part of your everyday routine you’d be better off without? 

I wish I did not have to make two breakfasts. I am an early riser, and Jack often sleeps in until well after ten o’clock. So I make my meal at 7:30-8:00 AM and then his late morning!

2. October 5th is/was National Do Something Nice Day. So what did you/will you do? 

Well, I made a nice dinner for the two of us. I had some Turkey Cutlets and made Jack fries in the Air Fryer.

3. What question do you hate to answer

How many children do you have? It’s always tough. Do I tell a complete stranger about Katie or simply omit it until I know them more? I used to tell everyone two, but now I say one and two fabulous grandchildren. If I get to know that person better down the road I will tell them about Katie.

4. Do we have control over technology or does it have control over us? In that same vein, have you watched The Social Dilemma (available on Netflix), and if so what did you think? 

I do not have Netflix and actually, I probably won’t. Happy with all the TV stuff I have.

That being said, I do think that technology is taking over. I force myself to learn all the new programs simply to keep up.

5. What are three small things that make your day better? 

Arnie, Anneliese, and Lili. Every moment of every day. I am grateful for my furry friends and their unconditional love!

Dog Days of Summer

6. Insert your own random thought here.

As Autumn comes to us, I truly wonder what it will bring. I hope people are getting their flu shot, to help in preventing a Regular Flu Pandemic. I also worry that if someone gets a normal case of the flu and then contracted Covid they’d be a goner. I guess all I can do is take care of myself and hope for the best in the world.

I wish you all a good week with a lot of sunshine!

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4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Hodgepodge”

  1. It’s nice to see you in the Hodgepodge today Maribeth! I hope people get flu shots too. So many don’t but if there ever was a year to have one it’s 2020! Hope you’re enjoying some beautiful fall weather!

  2. I hope people get flu shots, too! I work with someone who SWEARS it makes her catch the flu . . .but you can’t change her mind 🙂

  3. I love that last photo of the pebbles and leaf! Obviously you live in a beautiful place.
    Your three little things that make you happy–your puppies–they’re so cute!
    Enjoy these autumn days!

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