Friday & Saturday

The last two days have been full of fun. Yesterday Arnie and Anneliese’s father, and Greta’s boyfriend, the handsome Bernie came for a visit. He brought with him his Mommy & Daddy and his sister Veela. Bernie hadn’t seen his children since they were about 12 weeks old, so this was a nice time for everyone to get together. Now here is the real shocker. Anneliese looks just like her Daddy! I always thought that Arnie did, but getting all the dogs together it was easy to see that Arnie is quite unique.

July 4 027
Arnie, Bernie and Anneliese

At first it was madness and mayhem when the dogs got together. Anneliese wasn’t at all gracious, but eventually they all got along and things settled down.

Bernie, of course had eyes only for Greta. My little coquette, flirted outrageously with him

july 6 058

and then tried to bite him when he got too close.
july 6 061

Bernie’s Mommy brought with her delicious pastries from an Austrian baker in a nearby town. Mmmmmm. They were so good!

july 6 047

Today we decided to take our four dogs to the community park. Dogs are allowed there and you can actually let them off the leash and they can run. I was a bit more careful with the puppies, but Fritz and Greta knew right where they were and ran like two wild lunatics! Oh, they had such a good time.

Eventually we reached the lake in the back of the park and all four dogs played in the water. Fritz and Greta are great swimmers.

July 7 007

It’s so much fun to watch them. They love to fetch a stick and swim back and forth quite well. Arnie actually jumped in and swam around for the very first time. He did very well. Anneliese went in, but did not really swim.

Soon it was time to leave.

July 7 011

The end to another wonderful day!

5 thoughts on “Friday & Saturday”

  1. It seems they has been a lot of fun ! I have also my cats playing like crazy since little kitten Rosie is in the house, they discover their childhood again. It’s amazing these lazy cats now playing like youngsters ! For once the sun is shining and it’s my birthday, so my son came over from Amsterdam and we celebrated yesterday evening. Today I think we can finally enjoy our garden !

  2. You were really on the alert with your camera for this occasion, Maribeth!~~such great pictures.

    what a fun event!


  3. So, Greta has her boyfriend on a visit, how fun! That must have been so fun to see the whole “family” like that 🙂

    …and those pastries is looking sooo good too!

    How about having some birthday cake to celebrate Gattinas birthday and have a look at some Art?

    The Deli Art Strandskogen Cafe

  4. Holy Moly, Anneliese and Bernie look just alike! I was thinking that Arnie favored his father too. But no, little Anneliese is his spitting image.
    Those pastries are so YUMMO-looking!! Your day looked just like a perfect day to me. I love the photo of Fritz enjoying the swim.
    And I have to say I cracked up about Greta almost biting Bernie when he got too close…ohh…what a tease, she is! LOL Way to go Greta!

    I’m at:

    Have a relaxing Sunday,

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