The Weekend Wrap ~ January 31st

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This was the weekend that was. By this I mean we had one of those fierce, legendary, New England Nor’Easters!

I’ve been through them before. Usually, I make a big pot of soup and hunker down for the duration. I watch TV, old movies, etc until it is done. Then it’s time for the cleanup!

However, with a 14-week old puppy, who is this/close to being house trained, I found myself bundling up, and bringing her out.


As I stood there with the snow whipping about me, holding a leash for a little dog, who thought the world had gone mad, I realized I was doing something that will teach Heidi about housebreaking long after the storm had passed.

Over the course of the storm, Heidi went out every few hours and she did not have one accident that day!

We escaped at my house with 4-5 inches of very light snow. It was so cold that the snow squeaked when you walk across it.


The snow was also exhausting for the wee Miss Heidi. She would battle the elements and then come in and sleep. This led to some crazy behaviors during her wakeful hours. But in the end, she is settling, I simply need to work more with her to stop the biting, and Lili is finally accepting her, bites and all.


I am tired. These winters are getting to me a bit. So cold, so snowy, and so long. It’s my hope that Spring comes early this year.

So, that’s my weekend. I hope your weekend was a good one and that you were not buried in icy snow.


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