The Friday Five ~ January 28th

20200206_160117Welcome to the last Friday in January. It’s hard to believe because this month has gone exceptionally fast for me. But as I sit here writing, here are five things that have been on my mind this week.

  1. Since this past week I had no appointments anywhere, it gave me a chance to concentrate on Heidi’s house training, as well as get ready for the snowstorm that is forecast for this weekend. No rushing around, just systematically doing things.
  2. The fluorescent light fixture in my closet died. I’d hoped it was just the bulbs, but no. It was the starter for the light. Well, I had never done any of this before, but I found the parts I needed at the Hardware store and came home and fixed my light fixture, and changed the dead bulb in Jack’s closet. I’m feeling pretty accomplished!
  3. I am hooked on Wordle! I play each day and then post my score. Most of my friends and family are also playing. Very neat!
  4. This sub-zero temperature spell we have been in is not only uncomfortable but it costs us an arm and a leg with fuel oil over three dollars a gallon. The last fill-up cost us over $900.00!
  5. I bring Heidi to the Vet’s Office on Thursday for her next shots. She is a good little car rider. I’m still using her soft crate in the car, but plan to get a car seat with a harness to keep her safe while traveling.

20220126_133926My little sun-worshiper!

Have a great weekend, and also stay warm and dry here in the Northeast if you can, and enjoy the warmth and sunshine down-under!

One thought on “The Friday Five ~ January 28th”

  1. Well done with fixing lights. Nothing worse than failed lighting.
    Everybody is talking about Wordle, including that it is American spelling only.
    I expect gas central heating here would cost similar for a large home, assuming you would use two tanks of oil per winter. I don’t think anyone here uses oil for heating now, but it was popular in the 60s and 70s. Even gas is going out of favour now for electric split system heating with a number of units spread around homes. Teamed with solar panels and battery storage, it is very economical and even without, it is still not too expensive. However, it is not what you would call a cosy heat.
    I love the way dogs will move around a room to follow the sun.


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