Goodbye My Friend

Today I learned that a woman I had known and admired for over thirty years had passed away. Her name was Lila Jean.


She was a remarkable woman, having gone to college and married her college sweetheart. He was an officer in the Army and she was a wonderful military wife and mother to their children. Lili Jean and Bill were together for over seventy years.

Although I am sure Lila Jean had moments of sadness and despair, what drew me and everyone who knew her to her, was her bright positive personality and the fact that she chose kindness over hate every time. And she did it with gusto!

I met her when I was a new wife to Jack. We attended a Reunion and I knew no one. But soon Lili Jean was at my side and I found I had a friend. She made me laugh and smile and suddenly I felt like I was a part of something.

Over the years we met up each year at the Otter/Caribou Association Reunions all across the country. She was always the first person I looked for. In the last few years due to Covid, none of the Reunions were held. So I hadn’t seen her for a while, but we kept up via Facebook.

Still, the sadness I feel at her death has really moved me. God Bless you, Lila Jean. I will miss you and one day, I hope, I will see you on the other side.


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