The Little Dackel Princess

Today Greta and I went for our usual walk. I say usual, because I am truly trying to make walking a daily routine.
In any case, Greta loves this. She prances around sniffing here and there, and should we happen upon a “person” she goes into her sweet, cute and charming mode. Today was a perfect example.
Mar 30 003.jpg
We always stop at the Masonic Temple steps to have water on our way to the Post Office. I have a great flexi dish for Greta and I just wing it sipping on a plastic bottle! While we sat lapping up our water, a woman came by and went crazy over Greta.
“Oh, she is so cute! What kind of dog is she? Isn’t she the sweetest?”
And of course Greta lies on the ground rolls over and offers up her tummy for a pat or two!

Then we proceed on to the Post Office where she has three other women go nuts over her. Greta, of course, does the little diva thing and just WOW’s them.
We start walking back home and we meet a couple on vacation, who think that Greta is just beautiful. Not only do they want to know all about her, but they want to know the history of the wirehaired dachshund. They were very nice, and Diva Greta just soaked it all up!
As I near the lake, I meet a woman with a small child and of course the little girl loves Greta. I am happy to report that Greta loves kids, so I let the two of them go at it while I talked to the Mom.
Figuring that I was nearly home and could safely make it to the house now without being stopped, I quickened my pace.
Then the lifeguard at the local beach stepped out and came over to see Greta.
“Wow! What a great dog!”
I smiled and we started to talk. I guess Hubby was getting worried because as I gazed up at our house, I saw him waving to us. So we said goodbye to the young lifeguard boy and climbed the hill to our house.
Greta was so happy to see her Daddy, and Fritz and Shubi were in the yard as well. She has some water, and then collapsed in our chair, with a smile on her face.

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