The Friday Five ~ August 19th

Friday FiveOnce again, the week flew by. I had only one appointment, and other than that, I spent time cleaning and visiting with my sister and brother-in-law. So here’s this week’s Friday Five.

  1. My sister arrived on Monday and luckily, we have an area to park their camper. We got it all set up and they have their own little spot!
  2. I made a big dinner on Tuesday. An oven-roasted beef. Along the lines of Prime Rib. We got local corn on the cob and my favorite California New Potatoes. Yum!
  3. Wednesday I had my appointment and that went well. Mel and Ron also made dinner which was great! Honestly, after two years of doing all the cooking, I am grateful when anyone else but me does the cooking!
  4. I have a Contractor coming on Saturday to look over the exterior of our house. I know I need a new roof and I also need repairs done to the trim and porch windows. I’m determined.
  5. Heidi has been so sweet to me. When I am sitting or napping, she is right there with me. By the way, she will be a year old on October 21st.

Have a great weekend!


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