Not The Best Way To Start The Day

Wednesday started okay. Nothing remarkable. It is cloudy and rain is due soon.

I staggered to the kitchen, and turned on the coffee, only to remember that I had not set it up last night. So, I ground the beans, filled the tank with water, and turned it on.

The dogs were fed and then off we went for their morning walk.

I came in with them and went over to get some cereal. There was a new Cheerios flavor yesterday at the store, “Honey and Yogurt”, so I thought I would try that.

I poured some into a bowl and got my milk and sat down to eat it. I took one small spoonful into my mouth and ran to the sink to spit it out!

The milk was spoiled! Now the stamp on the jug said August 15th. Now how can a jug of milk spoil in two days?

Then thinking that perhaps it was also the cereal, I took a bite of the dry cereal. Ah, crap! It was simply disgusting.

Why does this stuff happen to me? Spoilt milk on the same day I try a new flavor of cereal. A double whammy!

My plans this morning are to go to the grocery store and get some milk and also buy a less offensive cereal!


One thought on “Not The Best Way To Start The Day”

  1. The hotel that I am staying in in Los Angeles has soured cream. I haven’t had coffee in days. There is nothing grosser in the world. I am getting cranky. I’ll be happy to get home to my own stuff!

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