The Friday Five ~ March 24th

Friday FiveHappy Friday, everyone! It’s been a good week all around for me. I’ve used up nearly a tank of gas, but my running around was fruitful. So here we go with the week’s Friday Five.

  1. I took Heidi in on Tuesday to have an important blood test. My Vet is 21 miles over and 21 miles back. However, I must say that the two Vets there are simply the best in the area and they care about my animals as much as I do.
  2. Last week I’d gone over for the initial workup, and then back for an ultrasound to be sure that my little minx hadn’t eaten anything that got stuck in her stomach.
  3. Today I got the good news. No foreign objects in her tummy. No hernias, and best of all she was tested for Addison’s Disease and she passed it with flying colors, No Addison’s!
  4. So, Heidi is on an ID Diet, which is easier for her to digest.20230315_173113Best of all she loves it. She is back to normal and it appears she was sick with a doggy virus. I am so happy she is all better!
  5. Saturday finds me driving down to see Savi and Quinn. I hope to take them to their favorite place for lunch. One thing I need to do on my way down is to get gas.

So that’s it for this week. I keep hoping that Spring will come. Sadly I had to fill my oil tank once again. My pocketbook sure has taken a hit this winter heating my house. Ah, Spring, please come to us soon!


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