The Friday Five March 17th

Friday FiveI fell asleep on Thursday night at 9:30. I’d had a long day and suddenly found my blanket and Heidi and the warmth I felt, put me right to sleep. So, here we go with this week’s Friday Five.

    • Heidi has been unwell for a few weeks. I’m no novice to healing a dog with tummy troubles, but Heidi finally freaked me out enough that I brought her in for a complete exam.
    • They took x-rays and blood work and examined every inch of her. Her white blood count was high, indicating some sort of infection.
    • The ultrasound was clear, so now we will check one last test on Tuesday.
  • Today is Lili’s 9th Birthday!

    Lili would have been great fun in a Circus. She loves to run and jump and run some more. A true whirling dervish! Winter is her favorite time, as
    she enjoys being able to leap through the snow at full speed. It’s like watching a deer.

    Lili rescued me on January 12th, 2019, when a man broke into my house during the day. He made it to the top of our cellar stairs, but the door was locked and Lili was fiercely barking and was between me and the door. She saved me that day!

    She adopted Heidi and loves to play with her and sleep with her, and when she goes out without Lili, Lili becomes upset and paces back and forth until her baby Heidi returns.

  • Yes, Lili is amazing and we all love being loved by this beautiful and sweet doggy.

    Birthday LiliYes, Lili is amazing and we all love being loved by this beautiful and sweet doggy!

So, Happy Birthday to our St. Patrick’s Day Baby Girl! 

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