Naps, Shoes & An Overhaul

Today was a down day. By that I mean that since it was dark and rainy here I got the chance to actually take a 2 hour nap. I’ve been needing that, as I have had a small cold that had been wearing me down.

I woke feeling better and after a cup of tea decided that I am now on the upswing.

I went in my closet today to get a pair of shoes to bring on the trip. I hunted and hunted, and then recalled that I’d donated them because they’d gotten too big for me. It now means I must go to the local shoe store and pick up a pair of taupe dress shoes.

I also went through the pile of clothes I planned to bring and cut it down by a third! I am so proud of myself! Now I just have to get Hubby to pull out the clothes he wants to bring so I can work at folding those up.

The week ahead finds me seeing my retinal surgeon on Wednesday and getting a complete overhaul on Thursday with my hair stylist!

Before we know it, it will be time to drive to Boston and hop our plane. Just a week from today we board the ship and head off on our trip, where I will sail into being 50.

Nov 23 024

This picture was taken by Hubby during our cruise last year. I played with it in photoshop and this is what I came up with!

6 thoughts on “Naps, Shoes & An Overhaul”

  1. WOW! ONE week! The countdown has REALLY begun! I’M excited and I’m not even going!!! LOL! Glad you got a nap and are feelin’ a bit better! I’m a firm believer in naps! Wish I got one more often!

  2. That Means just over a week till my trip! I know you’ll have a great time and smooth sailing into that 50 year mark. Love YOU, Mel

  3. Very cool work on the cruise picture!! You really are superbly organised. I never pack for anything before the day before. I am lucky if I remember to wash clothes a couple days before so I have something to pack!!! I envy you!

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