Puppies, Kickers and Eyes

Monday was the first day I really could feel the puppies inside of Greta moving. There is one pup on the left side who is just kicking the heck out of her! A few days ago I could feel butterfly wings when I touched her. Today I felt a football kicker!

Aug 10 003a

It’s the most amazing thing ever. I am so excited, but with Greta there is also  a little bit of nervousness. You see, her last litter she had to have a cesarean birth and although it all went well, it also scared me. I love Greta more than anything, and I worry.

Aug 10 006

We will be having x-rays done on the 21st of August to be sure that all is well with her, that there are many puppies and not just one big one, and that she can deliver them naturally. Perhaps I will relax a little bit more after that.

Greta is so big and getting bigger by the moment! I almost look forward to waking up with her in the morning just so I can check out her expanding belly!


Meanwhile, I will be going tomorrow to be fit for glasses. Since my second cataract surgery I have not had to wear glasses. This was so wonderful for me after a lifetime of glasses and/or contact lenses. However, with the advancing problem of scar tissue on my left eye, the doctor feels that I should get glasses to assist my right eye. You see, the left one has been losing vision and the right one is doing all the work. By using glasses I will ease the burden on the right eye.

I freely admit that I am just vain enough to not want to wear glasses. But I am “pulling up my boot straps”, (now there’s an idiom for you) and going in tomorrow for the exam and the fitting. I will post once I actually have the glasses in about a week or so.

It is Hot, Humid & Hazy here today. I have had the air conditioners on all day and Greta is most comfortable inside stretched out on the floor or my chair. It will be like this most of the week.

7 thoughts on “Puppies, Kickers and Eyes”

  1. Bless you heart about the heat and humidity….that is the way it has been here for so long…then we started getting cool fronts and even though it is still HOT here it just doesn’t seem quite as bad.

    Glasses aren’t that bad and you look so cute now it will be fine. I went to get some new ones that will be here in a little while. I hope I made the right decision. I’m worn out with these squinty glasses and got something like John Denver would love. *L* We’ll see how it goes.

    Hope all goes well with Greta’s litter and with her, too.

  2. I wore glasses since I was 20 or maybe before because I am shortsighted and one eye is much weaker than the other. I never wanted to have lenses the idea of putting something in my eyes scared me. There are so nice glasses today, I never had problems to wear glasses. I just bought a new pair (500 €) not the frame but the glass (!) because my view became better !! Now I need them for TV and driving.
    Greta looks great as future mom !

  3. We’ll look like twins. Maybe we can make a movie about it! LOL! I so understand, I didn’t want to return to glasses either. I started wearing them in first grade! I have to get new ones soon, I’ll see what you get first and then I’ll go get mine.
    Greta looks great! I can’t wait. Love YOU, Mel

  4. When they told me 3 years ago that the eye infection would prohibit me from wearing contacts (that I had worn since I was 8 years old) I was crushed. However, there are such cute frames out there now, that I don’t really mind them at all.

    You will look fabulous in glasses. Just take someone with you to confirm that the glasses look good on you! You may not be able to see them that well if they dialated your eyes or something. 🙂

  5. I don’t mind the “wearing” of glasses – if they actually do help. I just mind that mine actually don’t help – except to drive. And I would need 3 separate pair to be able to see well ALL the time! I need Lasic… but I’m chicken!

    Greta really IS growing by leaps and bounds! I do hope her delivery goes smoothly this time…

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