The Mask!

I’ve always lived with the motto, “Never go out looking bad enough to upset old people and little children.”

Which is why today when I went back to see my doctor about the pneumonia, and I had to put on this:

Dec 1 09 001

I feared for anyone I might meet.

I actually had two people in my doctor’s office remember me. Now since they’ve only seen me with the mask, I’m thinking I must have memorable eyes or something!

I was sent on to the local hospital and while I sat waiting for my chest x-ray and blood tests, a little girl looked at her mother and said, “Look Mommy, a Pirate Lady!” I thought she was a very creative three year old.

I got the tests done and came home carrying a prescription for antibiotics. Hubby was a sweetheart and took the prescription out for me so I could sit down with the dogs and rest. Just to see what the dogs would do, I put my mask on for them.

Dec 1 09 003

Personally, I think that Arnie liked it because he didn’t want to leave me alone while I had it on! So what do you say, is it a good look for me?

5 thoughts on “The Mask!”

  1. I prefer you without! 🙂 But I´m sure Arnie is concerned, that´s why he wouldn´t leave.
    I hope you regain your health soon! No more big turkey dinners to cook, will help…. 🙂

  2. but nobody took you for a killer lady, lol ! I just read your post below ! my goodness, what a work ! I am tired now only from looking at your table !
    BTW do you get my emails ? I wonder because I never got a reply, maybe I have the wrong address ? A yes or a no is enough.

  3. You have gorgeous eyes! And that pink jacket with the blue mask saves you from looking like a crook or a kook — mostly ;). And the great thing about dogs is they love us no matter how bad we look — and sometimes love us most of all when we’re at our worst!

  4. You do not look like a bad guy in the old western movies, but I am starting to get concerned about how long it is taking for the flu to get cured. Did they test you for the H1N1 flu? The N95 mask is a better choice if you have something and don’t want to share. They have a much finer filter. Some viruses are so small they can go through a ceramic filter. Get well soon, kiddo.

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