Christmas Preparations

I was incredible today! Really incredible. I finished printing all the Christmas letters, corrected and printed up a new address book and printed up Christmas address labels too. Once I was done with all of that, I brought it all out to the kitchen table and put everything down in neat, sorted piles.

Nov. 30 001

I was so happy to get to that point that I immediately sat down and started writing, addressing, stamping, and putting labels on. I worked for about an hour until dinnertime. Once I was done serving up a delicious Yankee Pot Roast, with onions, celery, carrots and potatoes, eating it and then cleaning it all up, I wasn’t really in the mood to sit back down and work on the cards. So they will have to sit like this until tomorrow.

Nov. 30 003

I will get to work right after breakfast and will spend most of the day writing. I love to write the cards and I love sharing good wishes during this time of the year.

I also love to get cards. Do you know what I do with them? As each Christmas card arrives I take it and decorate the doors in our family room. It gives me such a warm feeling looking at them all during the month.

I’ve got to get out a few things to decorate the house with tomorrow. Just a few things. I was going to put up the tree, but since we are going to be away for 11 days and the dogs will be here with the house sitters, I’m thinking it just might be easier for them not to have to deal with a tree and four dogs! However, I do want some decorations up, so I’ll have to get a few things down from the attic.

Yeah, I love Christmas!

5 thoughts on “Christmas Preparations”

  1. Oh my God, you are great!!
    I only updated my address book until now and wrote down who is getting a christmas card.
    I have to write and finish them on Friday to send them that they arrive in time in the US, Audtralia and South Africa.

  2. You are amazing! I have sent out my cards to people who live far away (like you), but it´s not a job I like. And I really hate writing anything by hand! So I admire your spunk! 🙂

  3. You are incredible.
    Wish we could have been so far with practising our X-Mas plans.
    The plans are there, no doubt, but we have to change a bit, due to last Nights 6 kittens.
    Well, I must admit, we realized Felicia was pregnant again some weeks ago. But 6!! She is after all a Manx.
    Her sister Rosa: No kittens at all. Have she tried? Oh yeah.
    Felicia’s Mother, She once got 10.

    Sister to Felicia’s Mother: 2. (Stompa is now 10)

    The Aunt: 1 that died after 30 hours.

    That’s about Manx. It’s hard to breed. So we do not.
    Felicia will stay indoor until her kitten are brought to new homes. Then, we “close the door”, to say it that way.

    btw. From Wednseday I will tune up with Renny BA and stay together in Sweden until Sunday. Some professional meetings – then friendship. Due to the fact Fekicia to day got 6 kittens, Anna can not join us. It’s a sad fact, as it was so wellplanned. But Felicia had another agenda.

    Have a great week.

    ps. hope I will have more time to comment your great blog and photos on Flickr as soon as possible. We have had so much to think about in the past.

    Baby Vagabond: Name: ?
    Well very mixed between cultures and also not very common:

    Prename: Metin Leander
    Family Name: Yüksel Aabö

    I’ve never heard about such a name. But it seems to be a result of the mixed culture here in Europe these days.

    btw. You will come to Oslo in August 2010?

  4. I need to get on it too! My table will look like yours (once I have all the cards made!).
    I wish I could just lock myself up in my apartment for a week or so and deal with the Christmas card writing 🙂

  5. My table looks a lot like that … except that I don’t send a letter anymore… I hand write my addresses and return address… And I probably only have about half as many to send out! But other than that… we look the same! LOL!

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