New Years Love & Resolutions

I was up after 9 AM on New Years morning. I woke up on the sofa. You might ask me why I was on the sofa when Hubby and I own a perfectly good king size bed. Well, apparently the dachshunds felt like stretching out and I was the one who was going to land on the floor. So, since I was awake, I came out, drank a large glass of cranberry pomegranate juice (my current favorite!) and then fell asleep on our sofa.

Our day has been rather laid back and quiet. I slept on the sofa again in the afternoon and finally kicked the eye ache. Yay for me! I’m back to cooking our meals (and unfortunately cleaning them up) and even doing the laundry. Life is going on in a normal way, and for this I am so very grateful!

Snow has been falling softly, all day long. It’s very pretty. I decided to enjoy some of the after Christmas sales and I ordered our Christmas card for next year. Usually I go out and do this, but since I cannot drive online retail therapy will have to suffice.

Jan 1 09

You know, I need to tell you all a little story. It took place shortly after I came home from the hospital. I was feeling very depressed because of the eye and I asked Hubby to bring me the mail that had come while we were gone.

I lay there opening each and every Christmas card that came and as I read them I felt the love and caring of our friends and family envelop me in a warm cocoon. It was truly magical! How lucky we are to have you all and how lucky I felt to open those cards so full of love. (Of course our tax bill from the town we live in reminded me how much our town loves…our money! LOL)

As the New Year starts I am planning to get back to Weight Watchers once I can drive, and never again take my vision for granted.

Do you have any resolutions?

6 thoughts on “New Years Love & Resolutions”

  1. No resolutions this year — just continue to try to live my life as Jesus wants me to. I guess my plan is to try HARDER!

    I hope you’re able to drive again soon.

  2. Good to read that you are better. No, I don’t do any resolutions, I forget them anyway or I change my mind. There is nothing special either I could or want to change. I had a very amusing New Years Eve in the Casino in Brussels, if you have time it’s on my Writer’s Cramps blog.

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re up and about Marybeth. I was so sorry to hear about that. I have a friend who has issues with the detached retina thing and it’s scary. No resolutions here just a change in my attitude. Hopefully

  4. You’re looking good, company is gone, I’m feeling down now about not going skiing because the boys wanted me to go. I do find that it is hard for me to do what I need to do for myself and I love those boys so, so much!!
    I really want to do one thing for the new year and that is to write more. I have several things started and I need to work on them and finish something. Love YOU, Mel

  5. Hi there Maribeth
    So glad you’re on the mend:) Sometimes, when I’m on the road day after day, for work, the idea of relaxing and lying around sounds so good, but not having it forced because of health problems. Funny how having something be a choice makes all the difference.
    Hope the cold and snow aren’t too bad, I know you’re used to it, but a little warmth or at least a little sunshine does wonders. Happy New Year!

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