My First Day Out!

We’re in the middle of a snow storm. How much actual snow we will get from this storm (currently the forecast is 12 inches) is any-one’s guess. New snow is pretty and in January it is expected, so when Hubby went outside to do a little shoveling and snow blowing, I took my camera and the dogs and followed.

Anneliese went crazy in the snow. She ran and ran and in some places tunneled! I think she is a real snow-dog!

Jan 2 09 013

Arnie likes to be out, that is until his body becomes covered with snowballs! Today he did stay out with us and we even went for a short walk up the driveway.

Jan 2 09 017

All four dogs kept me company during my trip up the drive to see our neighbor. We made sure she was okay and didn’t need anything and then the four dogs and I walked back home.

Jan 2 09 004

Jan 2 09 005

I noticed Fritz at the top of the steps and how really beautiful he looked so I took a long shot and hoped I could crop it down. He is such a handsome boy!

Jan 2 09 009

They all waited for me to walk back and let them in.

Jan 2 09 010

Then as I sat down to rest, Anneliese and Arnie came and cuddled with me.

Jan 2 09 001

And that was how I spent my first day out!

11 thoughts on “My First Day Out!”

  1. That day out looked like a lot of fun! I´m glad you´re feeling so much better. I would love some snow right about now too…. 🙂

  2. Love the PJ’s you’re wearing!!! Better stay indoors today with a fire going, it’s going to be cold!!! I love the snow pictures of the dogs. Fun! Love YOU, Mel

  3. brrrr, chilly! It’s still snowing here, too! My squirrel friend was just up on the balcony, wrapping his tail around himself to keep warm. I thought of inviting him in, but didn’t want him to become a snack for WOlf!

  4. Love the flying ears of Anneliese, lol ! Fritz is indeed a beauty ! and now especially in the snow ! He and Arthur would make THE pair of the year !
    PS. I sent you a mail (in case it lands in your spams)

  5. Ohhhhhhhh Maribeth! I am so GLAD I do NOT live up there right now! I didn’t even go out to church today because of COLD! It is just too cold! It’s 20 degrees – but the wind is whipping and it feels like 5!!! I am not a winter person… *shakes head sadly* So much better for YOU to live there! Honestly… I’m typing – but I need GLOVES! Gonna have to get me a pair of those fingerless gloves all the little girls are wearing… BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I like your jammies!

  6. Beautiful now Maribeth! Were still getting some here, and it’s that nice, light powdery kind. Our greyhound loves it. She refuses to wear a coat (she has very short fur) and races around in circles in the snow. Very cute!

  7. Your first day out was nice and it was kind of you to check on your neighbor, too. A bunch of that really cold air is headed our way about Wednesday. I’m not looking forward to it.

  8. Woow, I think you got even a bit more snow that we have in Oslo, Norway 🙂 The forecast does not say anything about snow, but the temp: -20C tomorrow, so we have winter all right!

    How great to see all having such a great time enjoying the snow – thanks for sharing! and good to see you with Anneliese and Arnie too 🙂

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