After Christmas Clean Up

Yesterday I wanted to clean up after Christmas. You know, put things away and get back to normal life. It just didn’t happen. I looked, I thought and then I stayed in my chair. Apparently, my walk had made me a little tired. So I got to enjoy the decorations for one more day.

This morning, while Hubby was out clearing the drive and patio from our 8 inch snowstorm, I got the decoration box and started putting things away. I wrapped Santa and Christmas trees and with each item packed, said good-bye to Christmas 2009.

I got just about everything packed, and once I am back to normal I will work with Hubby to get the boxes up in the attic. For now they can sit in our unused living room. (We use our family room for daily life.)

It was very cold and windy here today and I did not make it outside. Even the dackels didn’t want to go outside, but I kicked their little dackel bottoms out! LOL!

Hubby cleared the snow that had drifted from the wind, and now he is thawing in front of the fire in the hearth.


Tomorrow morning I go back on the Weight Watcher’s diet. It’s time. I really need to get my eating back under control and lose the ten pounds that somehow found me over the holidays. I haven’t done well. Somehow that Peppermint Bark Candy found it’s way into my mouth, as well as Lindt Truffels, and German Stollen bread! On our cruise they had Marzipan Stollen for breakfast everyday and I admit I ate it every day! I also had one of my all time favorite things, Eggnog! Now there is a diet killer if there ever was one!


So on Monday morning it is back to yogurt, salads, tuna fish and chicken, until I get those ten pounds off. Anyone else kind of blow their diets during this past Christmas?

It constantly amazes me that as good as I was losing the weight, the moment I am not totally vigilant, the weight comes right back to visit!

So here is to the New Year, and the loss of that little bit of weight ,so that my jeans zip once again, without the use of pliers!

6 thoughts on “After Christmas Clean Up”

  1. I love that comic! Sorry it the weight seems to find you so easily. I wish it was easier, but you’ll do just fine back on WW!! Love YOU, Mel

  2. Hi Mom,

    M and I will be joining you on the diet treck! I am resuming my diet officially today, and am very excited about it. I did sneak in a piece of Cheesecake yesterday, as a final farewell to carefree eating. I’m ready to be back on the diet!

    Hope you are feeling well. Love you lots,


  3. Ohhhhh I just don’t even want to TALK weight! I didn’t get MY decorations down this weekend … and I really had intended to… I’m tired of them. But Krysti came home and … games happened! I’m sO easily distracted from what I SHOULD be doing! It won’t get done today either… I have a MUST do project before tonight’s Bible study. But TOMORROW it IS getting done!

  4. I didn’t gain any back over the Holidays but sure didn’t lose, either. Will no longer enjoy any “tidbits treats” and hope to continue slowly go down. Decs are still up as I worked the weekend and my Mom is having surgery today=maybe next F, Sa, Su when I have 3 consecutive days off.

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