Anneliese & Her Mommy

Anneliese was determined to go out and play with her ball. So off she went. She looked so darn cute with Fritzi’s bigger ball, which was the one she wanted to play with, that I had to get my coat and hat and gloves on and got the camera so I could video it.

Anneliese is my snow lover. In fact I have to be careful with her because she will spend too much time outside until she is shaking like a leaf with the cold. Since it is only about 14 degrees (F) it feels really cold, heck it is cold! So I let her go out for short times and then got her back in.

I went out for a little bit, but not too long. We have an elderly neighbor who is 92 years old. He is my ‘boyfriend’! LOL! In any case I haven’t seen him since before we left on our trip. I wanted him to know I hadn’t forgotten him. He was so sweet and concerned. I’m really glad I stopped in.

The fire is burning in the hearth and the pot roast is bubbling away in the crock-pot for our dinner. How nice is all that?

7 thoughts on “Anneliese & Her Mommy”

  1. I know it is cold there-could hear the snow crunch when you moved. Cold here too-32 this am or colder, 32 is in town. Made beef/baqrley soup yesterday and Senate navy bean soup today-good warmer uppers and nutritious. Annaliese is just too darn cute, justl ike her Mama.

  2. We also have snow but a little less. Last year Arthur played in the snow, but this year he didn’t want to put a paw in it, until yesterday, I saw him sitting in the snow and watching I don’t know what. I could take some pictures he looks so funny in the snow. All the others except Kim are on strike and don’t go out, myself included, it’s sooo cold and grey and windy! I prefer to stay in my warm house, lol !

  3. Well, mother like daughter. I know where Ali gets liking to play in the snow from. She just loves the snow and cries if we try bringing her in to warm up when we are not ready to be inside. Smiles — Teresa

  4. That video is cute! We always get Jewl a size 5 soccer ball because it takes her a “little” bit longer to get her mouth around it and break it! But her favorite thing is to kick it and BARK at it!!! I was surprised NOT to hear Anneliese barking at her “big” ball!

  5. It’s so joyful to watch dogs in the snow. I love that. I also love that you’re visiting your boyfriend like that – it must be very lonely for him. I have a special place in my heart for elderly. We’ll be there ourselves later….

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