Dogs The Bad & The Good!

Hubby and I made a trip out today to restock the shelves, the fridge and the freezer. We first stopped BJ’s Warehouse and I stocked up on the necessities there. Tide Laundry detergent, (No I am not getting free samples, I just love that brand), and sugar free cocoa mix. That’s the only chocolate I allow myself when being strict on Weight Watchers.

Next we went to Wally World to buy things like dog food and paper towel and a new pair of old lady sunglasses. My nephew laughs at me when I wear them, but right now I simply cannot stand any bright light and must protect my eyes.

Anyway, here I was getting some canned dog food for the crew when this young couple with an 18 month old baby were standing there trying to figure out how to make a run for their Beagle. They looked at me loading my 40 cans of dog food in the basket and figured I might know something. Here is the conversation.

Them: Do you think you could help us?

Me: Sure.

Them: How do we make a dog run for our Beagle?

Me: How old is your Beagle?

Them: 8 weeks.

Me: (Groan!) Um, you really can’t put an 8 week old puppy on a run.

Them: Why not?

Me: Well it’s too young and you need to take the puppy out to teach him, to house break him.

Them: But it’s too cold!

Me: Well, you need to do that. And tell me what type of collar are you using?

Them: A regular one like this. (Points to a plain nylon collar)

Me: Well, you definitely can’t use that because the baby will slip it. You’ll need a harness. But I’m telling you, you need to walk the baby. I know I breed dachshunds and I have trained several in the winter.

Them: Well thanks.

And they walked away with the run kit! I wanted to scream at them! But I stood there with my mouth hanging open! Why, oh why do people get dogs if they aren’t prepared to take care of them properly?

We came home and I took my babies out. They’re old enough now that they appreciate a warm house and I can walk them in the yard without a leash and they perform and come in quickly. At 15 degrees, no one lingers, especially the little ones.

Hubby is off skiing today as tomorrow morning we have an early appointment with my retinal surgeon. I am hoping for good news from him.

Okay, now the best part of my day? Waking up this morning to sweet little kisses from Anneliese. She crawled up on my side and then spent a few minutes licking my face. Makes me smile every time!

12 thoughts on “Dogs The Bad & The Good!”

  1. WHAT? Did those people not hear a word you said? That poor dog, don’t buy a dog unless you are prepared to take care of it and do the work!!
    We had a nice day yesterday, Church, Football(we’re sad the Patriots didn’t win!), supper and I’ve been reading.
    I’ll be out at the store today. Love YOU, Mel

  2. Hi Mom!

    Hope you had a good weekend! I did my first back-on-the-diet weigh in and actually lost 9 lbs this week!! I know an unnaturally large number, but it may have been due to the fact that I did a major pig-out day the day before I started. Either way, I’m so happy to have kicked off the diet in such an astonishing fashion! 🙂

    Love you,


  3. Oh my… The thought of putting an eight week old puppy out into a dog run in 15 degree weather makes me so sad… I can only hope he wins their hearts soon, and whips that household into shape! Out of curiosity, do you feed your dogs all canned food, or a mixture of canned & dry? What do you think is best?

  4. You know people are sometimes even ignorant with their own kids ! My friend Yanouk the big bernese mountain dog, loves snow ! he can’t get enough and vacuums the whole street when I take him out on thursdays, he eats the snow ! With his thick fur he doesn’t feel the cold !

  5. I agree, getting a dog is a big responsibility, and it should be taken seriously…poor baby needs proper care, and training is for the best for the dog, not just the owner. On the other side of things I am glad to see you are out and about again…and in Europe big sunglasses are in…so you are all set. And yes, I do so miss Tide!!!

  6. LOL! Those people went home and told their families about “the crazy dog woman” at Walmart!!! I can HEAR ’em! I love Tide too! Tide and Cheer! Those are the only two I use! (hershey kisses only have 20 calories per!) I allow myself 2 if I’m feeling a need for chocolate. So far since Thursday I’ve only had… two! 🙂

  7. I’m sorry the young couple didn’t listen to your advice. Some have to learn on their own, and they both may work so there is nobody there during the day.

    I enjoyed the video of Anneliese playing with the ball and by golly she got it after all. 🙂

    We use All Free and Clear…it is non allergenic. I used to itch, but since we changed detergent it is gone.

    Hope your doctor appointment went well. Also, while reading about your old lady glasses, you will not worry so much about it as you get older. I found I was in my Crocs at the grocery store the other day. That sort of bothered me. 😉

  8. I hope they don’t just toss that poor baby dog out in the cold and leave it. Very very bad. Wonder how they take care of their baby???

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