Happy Friendship Anniversary, To Us!

Nine years ago I met my best friend, Uschi. It’s a day I won’t soon forget because our friendship has grown over the years and we have become sisters. Each year I celebrate this day because it was a special start to one of the most important relationships in my life.

So Happy Anniversary to my dearest Uschi!
Thank you for being my friend!

Untitled from Dackel Princess Maribeth on Vimeo.

10 thoughts on “Happy Friendship Anniversary, To Us!”

  1. SO love the slide show… and… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both…

    Now, remember the other night when we were talking about you making this show? I see what you meant by ‘that phot’ but I am POSITIVE its just an optical illusion!!!!

    Hoo roo

  2. HOW in the world do you remember the date you MET anyone other than your husband!? I guarantee, I LOVE my friends, but I’m lucky if I can remember what SEASON it was when we met! LOL! Maribeth – you are GOOD! Happy Anniversary to you BOTH!

    Dearest Maribeth,
    Nine years ago we started being best friends. I really am very happy that I am allowed to be your sister in soul and best friend. That makes my life worth!!
    I appreciate it very much you share your life with me and you always are here for me. Thank you so much for your wonderful friendship.
    I keep crossed my fingers and toes for that our friendship keeps life long! I promise I will do the best for!
    I send you all my love and so many cyber hugs,

  4. Awww, happy “anniversary” you two! This makes me so happy, to see that two women from different continents could connect this way!

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