Hope & Happiness

What a nice Sunday Saturday we had. My cousin Janet, came up for a visit with her boyfriend, Dave. We were celebrating Janet’s good health reports! We cooked chicken breasts outside on the grill, and ate salad, potato salad, and corn on the cob! Since the day was warm and sunny, we spent the entire time outside sitting and eating at our patio table. For dessert I made strawberry shortcakes, and we all devoured them!

After that I re-potted a tomato plant and then we put up the cages around the tomato plants to keep them nice and steady. I still have several more tomato plants that I am going to put into the garden, as well as a few eggplants. Usually I put them into large patio pots, but this year I think it will be easier to have just a few patio pots and the rest in the regular garden.

I’m also thinking that this week I will plant all my grown up seedlings into the garden. I am thinking that we are past the time when frost will kill my garden, but I will wait a day or two before planting. I am so pleased with this years seedlings! They have grown to a huge size and are truly ready to be transplanted into the ground where they can grow and flourish!

So many wonderful things happening this spring! It makes me so happy and fills me with hope! Now if only Anneliese would do her part, then I would be even happier, if that is possible!

7 thoughts on “Hope & Happiness”

  1. I am glad this spring is going well for you. Sunshine and warmer weather always make us feel good, and it makes our daily walks a bit easier too. Now please pass that chicken 😉 I want some!

  2. Ok… I am puzzled! You had such a great day, the day before having it?? Let me think a bit on this as I am in another timezone…

    For me, it is now Sunday evenimg, that would make it NOW your Sunday (early) morning. Yes?

    If so, when you posted this, it would have been Saturday evening, Yes?? lol, Ok, I know what your thinking… Smarty!!!

    Seriously, I am glad that you had a great day, and what a day to celebrate some fantastic news!!!

    Now I ‘think’ I have my internet problem sorted (for now) but I will be contacting my ISP tomorrow!!

  3. Thanks Bernie, you caught me! I’ve now edited the Post so no one else can see my error!

  4. Off to church, wearing red for Pentecost. So happy you had a good day yesterday! Have a good day today too! Love YOU, Mel

  5. BBQ Chicken and corn on the cob, my favorite! DianeCA has introduced me to these foods you know. Sounds like a really good family day with Janet. Hope your weekend was great!!

  6. We had such a good time! Always do, with you 🙂 And it made me laugh to see my friend from high school, Pat, while Dave & I were out walking!

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