I started Saturday saying good-bye to my dearest Uschi, and her husband, Volker!

June 13 001a

The trip home was definitely eventful. I got a good seat out of Berlin, and I reconnected with a pretty  woman who works as the security check person at the Berlin Airport. She was working again and remembered Anneliese and me from last year. Anyway I chatted with her while I waited and then was boarded before most of the other passengers onto the flight in Business Class. This was great because I had a chance to settle Anneliese before the other passengers came on board.

I settled into my seat,  and once we were airborne, I put my feet up and used pillows to prop them up more, so that they could rest. It did not do much good, as my feet and legs swelled more and more and by the time I reached JFK in New York I could hardly walk.

I made it through Customs okay, (they did spend a lot of time going through Anneliese’s documents, I think because her coloring stated her as: wild-boar!) and then I tried to get to the earlier flight to Boston but missed it by 5 minutes!

I called Hubby and we were busy trying to decide what to do, when I learned that my regular flight from JFK (set to depart at 7 pm) to Boston was delayed due to a mechanical problem. So we decided I should take a taxi cab to LaGuadia Airport across town and fly up on the shuttle. So, off I went to get a cab.

Luckily I got a good cab driver this time, and I made it over to the other airport quickly. Anneliese and I checked in and also got good seats up to Boston. The weather was rainy and the flight a bit bumpy, but we arrived 2 hours earlier than I would have with the JFK flight. When we landed I asked if the JFK flight was still delayed. They told me then that the flight had been canceled! How lucky I was to go over to LaGuadia and get the shuttle flight to Boston!

Hubby picked us up in the cold rain and brought us home. Oh how wonderful it is to be home.

We arrived home about 9:45 pm and we had a light supper. Emily arrived for the night and we visited with her until 11 PM and then we all went to bed. I slept well, although I woke with painful feet and had to walk around the bedroom a while and use the heating pad on my feet for a while. But mostly I slept well, and didn’t fully wake until 5:45 this morning, so I think I am getting on schedule.

My garden did pretty well in my absence, but I will need to do some work on it tomorrow. My pea plants need to have string, strung and I want to plant some extra squash in the garden as a few plants are not thriving the way I’d like.

Emily left us at 11 AM Sunday morning.

June 13 006

The rest of the day I caught up on the laundry and cooked a few meals for Hubby. It was a nice, relaxing day. A very good recovery day!

Have a great Monday Everyone!

7 thoughts on “Homecoming”

  1. And how are your feet? That must have been such a hard trip to travel with such swollen feet. I´m glad you got home safely and hope you have a good week and time to recover!

  2. Dear Maribeth,
    no need to thank me- it was a pleasure for me that you visited me. It was a very nice “girls- chat” 🙂
    Good to here you are back home safely! Hope your feet are getting better?
    If you send me your email- adress I will send you the pictures we took last Friday.
    Wish you good luck with Anneliese!
    I´m so sorry for the sad story about Katie.
    Please excuse my English:-(
    Have a nice week,
    friendly greetings from Berlin

  3. Glad to hear that you arrived home safely although you still have these elephant feet ! I think if it doesn’t get better you have to see a doctor ! You certainly had a wonderful time. When I come back from somewhere where I had a good time I am always feeling a little sad for two days until I get used to my daily routine again. Not even cats and Mr. G. can get me over my blues, lol !
    Now I am curious if Mr. Isegrim did his job !!

  4. Happy to know you are home, safe and sound and that home base has survived – after all 🙂

    Also glad you had another nice stay in Europe – hope you make it to Norway next time! There is a bunch of people who loves you in Scandinavia too you know 🙂

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