Traffic & Oleander

I drove the 4 plus hours to, my sister’s home today in some of the worst traffic that I have seen in a while. In fact, I saw 4 or 5 accidents along the way and nearly ended up being a statistic myself. I was so grateful when I finally arrived and could get out of the car and just breathe a little.

Unfortunately, today was a busy day. Groceries needed to be purchased, and I wanted to go and get the special dog food for Anneliese that I plan to use during her pregnancy. (Yes, I do think she is pregnant, but I won’t say for sure, because I’m terrified of jinxing it!)

I arrived back at my sister’s in time to change and head over to my mother’s house. For her 81st birthday I had gotten her a bottle of her favorite perfume. Oleander Perfume, from Bermuda, made by Lily. I was really pleased to have gotten her this.

The funny thing was that she had gotten me a small gift to keep with me always as a token of her love and affection. What did she get? Yes, a silver Oleander Blossom on a chain from Bermuda!

Coincidence? I think not.

The Oleander perfume and flowers are just something both Mom and I loved and shared over the years. Something that is just us.

Tonight we took Mom and Mel’s mother in-law out for dinner. I have known Nan since I was 8 years old, (so nearly all of my life) and it was great to have dinner with them. We went to “The Rustic Oak” and had a delightful meal.

June 2010 005

I had soft shell crabs. I had never had them before and they were fabulous!!!

June 2010 006

They were so very good! Everyone tried mine, except Mom who is allergic.

June 2010 002

Mel had Scrod and said it was very good.

June 2010 008

For dessert they brought Mom a dessert of her choice with a candle and sang to her.

June 2010 004

And Nan also had dessert. I think it was Key Lime Pie!

So dinner is done, and the ladies are back home, and now Mel and I get ready for Saturday’s Family Reunion!

5 thoughts on “Traffic & Oleander”

  1. How fun!! Looks like everyone had a great time. And your family looks just lovely!

    Traffic is frustrating-but also sad and nerve-wracking when there are accidents involved! Glad that you made it okay!

  2. Love the Sunday with the candle. Many congratulations to your mom she has lived a good long life and raised some wonderful children!! Will keep my fingers crossed for puppies!!

  3. Good for you, driving all that way alone. Glad you made it ok. The crab really looks good.
    Have fun at the family reunion!
    BTW, your mom still looks so young! No way can she be 81! Happy Birthday to her.

  4. How nice ! your mom looks very good for her age !
    I had a nice day yesterday I went with Domi to the sea (Ric kept cats and Yanouk) and we got brown ! I tell you ! Traffic was quiet good fortunately.

  5. It must be so nice to spend the time with you mother.
    Enjoy every second of it!!
    My Mom is home for the weekend. My Dad took her home today in the morning and he has to bring her back in tomorrow at 5. đŸ™‚

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