The Week Ends

I came home from work Friday night and looked at Anneliese. She looks amazingly pregnant to me! Or, was this just my anxious and hopeful eyes that saw this?

I admit to being hopeful. I only have a few more days until they repeat the ultra sound and we will have a better idea if she has babies in her belly!

It was a busy week for me between work, and home. Try as I might, I don’t seem to get the laundry done during the week, so I will just have to work on it after work today, and on Sunday. Of course on Sunday I need to grocery shop as well, and so I’m thinking that the weekend won’t provide much in the way of rest either.

The weather, something which is usually dull to write about, has actually been interesting, if you find temperatures of 98-103 degrees (f) interesting. It’s a humid, sticky, thick air mass and kind of awful to be out in. They are forecasting thunder storms for today and with them brings the hope of a drier, cooler, air mass. I’m hoping that this is true!

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

7 thoughts on “The Week Ends”

  1. To have temperatures in NH higher than in SW Florida is amazing. We have been low 90’s since Wed, 80’s and rain week prior. Hope you return to normal NH summer temps soon. Get some rest-something about a candle at both ends???? Talk to you soon.

  2. We have the same temperatures as you and today too it’s humid and sticky ! With Marieken there is no doubt anymore that she is pregnant, she has swallowed a little ball and you see the round belly. Hope that Isegrim did his job!

    BTW I didn’t get what work you are doing, is that in the library and every day ?

  3. I remember that muggy hot weather from a trip to New York I had in the summer time. I do hope the thunderstorms help freshen it up a bit. I will keep my fingers crossed for puppies 😉

  4. I’m sure I’ve missed a ton… but WHEN did you get a job? It’s been horrible hot and humid down here too…. UGH! You still don’t know for sure if Anneliese is prego? Goodness! I need to go catch up!

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