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I thought I had mentioned this, but I am now working, part time for my friend, who is also the best hair stylist and colorist that I know. She owns her own salon and I am currently doing reception and secretarial work, and will be applying for my shampoo license so I can assist the other stylists at busy times, by shampooing their clients. It’s just for the summer, and I have to tell you I really like it! I enjoy meeting people, I love answering the phone and the computer work is also something that I fancy.

Meanwhile, my little family of Hubby and the dogs is adjusting to my being gone during the day, and I feel ever so appreciated at the end of my shift, both at work and when I arrive home to happy dogs and a smiling husband.


Tomorrow at noon is the ultra-sound on Anneliese to see if their are puppies inside of that belly of hers. I want to remain optimistic that there are little babies in there, and so I am just not allowing myself to consider that she isn’t. Her belly is nice and round, and she is showing other signs too. So I have fingers and toes crossed!


Like every other working gal, today is grocery shopping day. I’ve never been a Sunday shopper, but I really need to get the groceries as I just won’t have time to drive the 30 minutes to our closest and best grocery store. We need so many things, and I need to stock up again on meats, chicken and fish. Interestingly my favorite frozen fillets of Norwegian Haddock are on sale this week for $3.99 a pound! It’s the best Haddock ever and I plan to stock up. (It comes frozen right off the boats)


Our weather broke on Saturday and we had several good rain storms blow through. Finally a break from all that heat! It’s still a bit on the humid side, but nothing like it was.


My garden is flourishing in all of this warm, and now wet weather. The cucumbers are thriving, the squash is more than abundant and I have already eaten my first Ichiban Eggplant! I was out there after dinner last night and marveled at the lush greenery!

It reminded me that this is why I plant a garden each year!

kitties and food

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  1. With you working now… in the world will you have time for canning, puppies, and everything else you do? And I guess I missed where hubby is working. Darn, isn’t it time to just kick back? lol

  2. Ah yes! When I was working full time, I had all the kids around and it was a trick to keep up with everything.
    Took the Mom’s to the movies last night, church at 8 AM this morning and now off with friends for a ride around New Haven Harbor for brunch. The ship is quite pretty and the water calm so I hope no wavy ride.
    Positive for Pups!!! Love YOU, Mel

  3. That’s nice that you are working ! It’s always good and interesting to meet people and get out of the house. That was the worst thing for me when I retired ! Staying home all day. We had a nice time together Marieken feels OK she wanted to buy some new clothes, but found nothing. She is getting bigger now. They are both purring like two cats, lol!

  4. I had no idea you have a part time job… this is exciting and I am glad you like it so much.

    I love all the stuff your garden produces… I wish I had a garden. I went to the local Farmer’s Market this morning and got a lot of good deals 🙂

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